As decided during the committee meeting on May 2011. This blog is being suspended until further notice. At the mean time, interested users can contact and interact with Malaysian Society in Bangor via e-Mail and Facebook group. The contact details can be obtained at the following URL.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Bro Mat & Sis Chik's Move & Farewell

As all might have known, Sis Chik will be finishing her studies here at Bangor University by the end of this month (April 2011). She and her family have planned to bring all of their stuffs onto a container a week before they are going home.

MSS Bangor would like to invite all members to come to the 'Gotong Royong' helping Sis Chik on the following dates:

  1. 22 April 2011 (19:30 onwards) - Moving belongings from inside the house onto the garden in front of the house.
  2. 23 April 2011 (07:30 onwards) - Moving all the belongings from the garden on to the container.
There will be some refreshments and food served during the move. On behalf of Bro Mat and Sis Chik's family, thank you very much.

Congratulations Ms. Tun Nurul Aimi

MSS Bangor would like to express our heartiest congratulations to Ms. Tun Nurul Aimi for being selected as the best poster presenter in the recent College of Natural Sciences Bangor internal conference.

By winning the best poster, she has been awarded with a winning certificate and £50 cheque from the College of Natural Science Bangor University. 

We are so proud of Ms. Aimi achievement and hope that this can spark up herself and other fellow Malaysians to excel in their studies furthermore. Keep up the good work.

Bangor Islamic Centre Prayer Timetable 2011

Following is the message from Bangor Islamic Centre.

Saturday, 18 December 2010 AsSabt, 12 Muharram 1432

Prayers Timetable for the Bangor Islamic Centre 2011CE / 1432-1433AH

Dear All, 

Assalamu Alaikom wa Rahmatulah wa Barakatoh

With the assistance of Allah (swt) and many of those who put time and effort, we have come to an agreement over the prayers timetable for the Bangor Islamic Centre. The following points have been considered when preparing this time table.

  1. The focal centre of calculation is the Bangor Islamic Centre with the following coordinates - Latitude 53°13'25" North - Longitude 04°07'51" West
  2. The altitude was 100 meters above sea level to take into account high areas. 
  3. The radius of the calculation extends to 10 miles (16km) – which is shown in the map below 
  4. Summer Time starts at the Last Sunday of March and ends at the Last Sunday of October 
  5. Asr (mid-afternoon) prayers is calculated based on the Shafi’i, method for early Asr Prayers 
  6. Imsak angle = -15° 15', Fajr angle = -15° 00', Isha angle = -15° 00 
  7. There are NO added time to any prayer including Maghrib (0) 
  8. The angles for calculating Fajr and Isha are -15° 00' from the Horizon 
  9. Angle for Imsak is -15° 15' from the Horizon 
  10. Rule at high latitudes and Mid Summer is 90 minutes for Fajr and Isha prayers

We give thanks to Allah for allowing us to complete this work for the benefit of our community. 


Dr. Ayad Abdul-Mawla

Bangor Islamic Centre
57 & 61 High Street, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 1NR, 
tel/fax: 01248 354612,, 
Charity Reg. 111 9727,

Followings are the prayers timetable for city of Bangor, Gwynedd for the year 2011. Full pdf download can be obtained here.
Area to have the same prayer times as Bangor Islamic Centre

January - February

March - April

May - June

July - August

September - October

November - December 

MSS Bangor would like to thank Bangor Islamic Centre for preparing the timetable.

Badminton Invitation


MSS Bangor would like to invite all MSS Bangor members to join badminton game to be held this weekend. Information about the game is as follows:
Date: 5th December 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 12-2pm (2hours)
Venue: Maes Glas Badminton Court (2 Courts)
Equipments: Badminton rackets (if any), Shuttlecocks provided.
See you there!

Bro Hisham & Sis Shikin Container

Last Saturday Bro Hisham & Sis Shikin had organised a gotong royong to help them sending almost all their belongings back to Malaysia using a container.

Apart from MSS Society members, several Bruneians and Arab came to help them. The men helped the couple to move their things from Friday night and Saturday morning. The women helped Sis Shikin in cooking and serving food for all those who helped.

The gotong-royong ended at around noon. Here are some pictures taken during the gotong royong.

(pictures courtesy of Tun Nurul Aimi)

Eidul Adha Celebration Party

Last Sunday (21st November 2010), Malaysian Student Society Bangor University had arranged an Eidul Adha Celebration Party. The party was held in University's John Phillips Hall.

We are lucky because almost all of Malaysian studies in Bangor came to the party. Several Malaysian from Caernarfon, British friends and supervisor and their family too came to the party. Not to forget the attendance of all Bruneian Students in Bangor University.

Participants come as early as 11:00 AM in the morning. Early birds set up the whole place and wait for the others to come with their foods. We started to eat after a speech and a prayer recital by the committee advisor, Dr. Abdul Aziz Jaafar.

The food was pot luck from all of the participants. The vast variety of Eid celebrations foods had certainly makes attendees forgot for a while of being home sick during this festive season.

The game started after lunch. The kids started first with 'Colouring Contest'. Followed by 'Win-Lose-Or-Draw' game, and 'Musical Chair' game; which was divided into three categories: Children, Male & Female. The party ended with the giving of presents to all of the winners.

MSS Bangor would like to thank you for all contribution and attendance to the party.

Here are some pictures of the celebration.

(pictures coutesy of DSLR Journey, Tun Nurul Aimi & Ali Rani)
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